1 on 1 Coaching

From: $60.00

What you get is a structured, program set out to help develop your child, to learn the key skills and to gain confidence needed to play and enjoy the “World Game” in a clear, positive learning environment.

The coach will assess then sit down with you and your child to help you to set clear objectives from where you and your child can progress. This way all learning, player development, can be uniquely tailor made and all seamlessly tie in together with the best possible outcome for the player(s).

Our entire focus is unique to the indidual and directed towards the objective where they are becoming more confident and positive in the player they are becoming.

Sessions are to be held at Brightwater playing fields.


$60 per hour ( exclusive one on one )
$80 per hour ( based on two players )

Minimum 4x 1 hour sessions.

Introductory Special: Block book 10 sessions, only pay for 9!!!


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